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Job Opportunity - Deputy Chief of staff (to the CEO)

** CDI-Full Time **


We know it sounds like a big job title, and guess what? It is!

How does a vision go from something you see far in the distance, off in the shimmering future, to something you can see, touch, and watch unfold in the present?


This magic happens when you do precisely what you can do best: make things happen.


About the position - “Tour of Duty” 


The Chief of Staff will be an advisor on a wide range of highly complex, sensitive and confidential topics, providing professional assistance and support to the CEO. He/she will become a sounding board for decision making and liaison between the CEO and stakeholders in high-level positions (Board Members, Senior Executives and C-Suit leaders), as well as government stakeholders.   

This role includes high-level visibility; thus, it is essential for him/her to act as a strategic partner in supporting the CEO with effective decision-making, project management and execution of strategic initiatives in the company.   


Candidate profile


The Chief of Staff should be able to understand the global political, economic and social landscape and provide the CEO with objective and strategic advice. He/she should keep the CEO informed on relevant topics, while keeping an eye on the broad picture, shadow him in diverse activities, and represent him with stakeholders from senior positions, with different backgrounds and expertise.   

This role also includes providing an organizational and communication framework for clients, employees and team members, in order to support ongoing projects and achieve specific goals. In other words, the Chief of Staff should amplify his/her efforts to create change in the team as the eyes, ears and the voice of the CEO.   





  • Transform ideas, strategies and dialogues into actions and/or projects, which will go above and beyond leadership expectations 


  • Collaborate with the CEO, senior partner and team members, to determine and prioritize business strategies and support key strategic projects and initiatives   


  • Build and sustain effective communication with potential partners and clients  


  • Capacity to assemble and manage a small team  


  • Work closely with executive communications to support engagements of behalf of the President  


  • Plan, manage and execute business missions around political, economic and social intelligence as required 


  • Identify issues that impede business success proactively, and provide solutions and recommendations  


  • Keep the CEO informed about KPIs and on track with deliverables, by ensuring efficient time management 


  • Communicate on behalf of the CEO and follow up on set goals/agreed actions   


  • Facilitate fair and equitable access to the CEO, so external partners can get timely feedback, support and two-way communication  


  • Support the CEO in the decision-making process by providing effective and valuable advice  


  • Focus on broader organizational goals, as well as KPIs   


  • Attend and actively participate in the meetings on behalf of the CEO   


  • Able to travel with the CEO, if needed  



  • Preferred Double degree in business and engineering. Business school and/or master’s degree in engineering, economics, political sciences, international trade  


  • 2 – 4 years of professional experience 


  • Bilingual (English and French)   


  • Excellent oral and written communication skills  


  • Excellent writing skills - ability to convert the information he/she has retained into readable, sophisticated content, tailored to the CEO  


  • Digital native and tech-savvy  


  • Experience in navigating a multicultural work environment  


  • At least 6 months of international education and/or working experience  


  • Ability to prioritize and make clear-headed decisions while under pressure.   

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