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Douge International brings 21 years' experience in 70 countries, having connected thousands of executives with top notch companies

Our values

Whether in fashion or finance, energy or equity, Douge International connects executives to the jobs they love.


Decades of experience have led us to one simple truth: people are the same everywhere. We are motivated by a desire to live our best lives and to be recognized for our good work.

Executive search is too often driven by wildcat recruiters motivated more by ego than service, resulting in matches that fall apart. At Douge International we understand both the strength and the fragility of human material intelligence. Our job is to navigate the space between ego and humility to ensure lasting company leadership and executives happy in their jobs.

Our process

Good matches are made not with databases, contact lists and recycled candidates but with flexible, tailored, careful attention. We control our own process, gathering information directly and first-hand.


We know our candidates. We look for talent that is adept not only in whichever local environment they encounter but also in the international business culture. 


We understand our companies and the changes they face. We know the reality of the international market, via direct experience. Now more than ever in this  turbulent business climate, our clients rely on our speciality in adapting to change.

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Portrait of Founder at Douge Interational

Olliver douge

Founder and Senior Advisor

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Phone: +33 01 53 57 43 55

david savourat

Senior Partner

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Phone: +33 01 53 57 43 59