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our approach

Executive search that is seasoned, daring, personal and global


a truly global outlook

Over the past 21 years, the team at Douge International has placed hundreds of executives at top companies in international hubs including Hong Kong, London, New York, Mexico City and Tokyo.


Across sectors and sizes, from boutique private equity firms to multinational tech corporations, our clients profit from our unique cultural acumen and seasoned perspective on the international job market. 

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A single point of contact

Increasingly, the global executive search field is moving toward an impersonal "multi-local"  model, hunting down candidates using teams of far-flung, largely disconnected ad-hoc advisors.

As pioneers and thought leaders in the field, we learned early on what works: direct, focused attention from a single recruitment professional.


specialists in connection 

The intangible benefits of personal connection are vital for successfully connecting executives to the work they love.


We take an artisanal approach to executive search, transforming the rich materials of companies and candidates into partnerships of exceptional value.

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daring creativity

Talent often appears in unexpected places. Over the years, some of our greatest success stories have emerged from our work with companies and executives initially surprised by our creative approach to recruitment.


Our keen eye for skilled leadership across brands and sectors translates to a unique capacity for uncovering the world's best talent.

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